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Letter included with the 2021 Association Fee Invoices:

Greetings fellow Salisbury Quarry property owner,

I hope you and your family have remained safe during this difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Enclosed you will find the annual invoice for the 2021 SQHOA association fees. Your prompt payment will help us to manage the association and the subdivision to your expectations. If you have any questions or need extra time paying this invoice, please contact the community property manager Erin Osstifin for information on payment programs.  Erin routinely interfaces with property owners to answer questions and handle the day-to-day business of the association. Also refer to our website as a resource to community information.

I want to assure you that the SQHOA board of trustees is committed to manage the community to the standards you expect following the deed restrictions we all agreed to when purchasing property here dictates. Our goal is to maintain that harmonious look thereby enhancing our property values. Remember the board of trustees is made up of fellow property owners volunteering their time and committed to serve the community.  I would like to sincerely thank each one of them for their time and efforts.

This year has seen more home sales than typical with fast sales and higher values. We have received feedback from new owners saying that one compelling factor in deciding to purchase in Salisbury Quarry subdivision is the consistent well-maintained harmonious look of the community. It is interesting to hear from new residents with a view from a new set of eyes looking at the community.  It is so easy to become complacent after living here for several years and not really notice our surroundings.

I am disappointed to have to report that for the past several months a lot of time has been spent at the monthly association trustee meetings discussing deed restriction violations. The board has been accused of being complacent and not strictly enforcing the deed restrictions. The discussion of our options turned from perhaps simply maintaining common areas and ignore owners disregarding the deed restrictions and community rules and regulations to refocusing efforts to maintain a harmonious look of the community thereby enhancing property values and community desirability. The trustees compared adjacent communities that have disbanded their HOA thereby dropping the planned community organization in favor of an unregulated subdivision. They found that community maintenance of common areas was nonexistent and owner property maintenance degraded and therefore property values and community desirability degraded. The trustees ultimately decided that continuing the planned community structure as defined in the deed restrictions and community rules and regulations is the better choice even if the most difficult. After all, this is what all property owners agreed to when purchasing property in the subdivision. Our goal will be to maintain the harmonious look of the community by enforcing the deed restrictions and code of regulations.

The board of trustees has engaged Barkan & Robon Ltd.; Attorneys at Law of Maumee, OH to assist in violation enforcement. They have a practice that specializes in assisting homeowner associations interpret their deed restrictions and code of regulations and pursuing enforcement actions. This decision has not been made lightly but brought on by a growing number of residents completely ignoring the rules and our letters requesting they follow the simplest rules such as keeping garbage cans in the garage, notifying us of outside projects and modifications and installing and maintaining mail boxes to community standards. Would you believe that this year we had to send three letters asking owners to simply mow and edge their lawns and maintain planting beds? This is the hardest task for the board of trustees but necessary to maintain a desirable community.  It is disheartening to have to spend owner's money enforcing the rules by taking legal action against fellow neighbors because they will not follow the rules they agreed to when purchasing property in the development.

The good news is that 90% of our property owners follow the rules, contact us when doing outside projects and maintain their properties to the highest standards. The board of trustees are always open to appeal of any denied project request. If you have any additional information or feel we misunderstood your project, we will reconsider.  The deciding factor always is your project harmonious to the neighborhood, does it fit with the neighborhood look. We always prefer to approve your reasonable project. Our website has a lot of information on what we are looking for in the neighborhood.

The bad news is that the remaining 10% that feel it is their property and can do whatever they wish even though they agreed in writing when purchasing property here to follow the rules will cost us all additional money in the form of higher association fees. This additional legal expense budget item may cause us to increase the 2021 association fees in the form of a special assessment in mid-2021. We hope owners will cooperate with violation enforcement efforts so that is not necessary, but we wanted to make you aware of the circumstances we are faced with.

The board of trustees thanks all Salisbury Quarry property owners for their cooperation and efforts to maintain the community as a harmonious and desirable community thereby enhancing property values.

Best Holliday greetings!

Salisbury Quarry Homeowners Association Board of Trustees



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