Salisbury Road, Maumee OH

Map of the Quarry


Do I need approval to make any improvements?

Yes. The Board of Trustees must approve any and all
improvements, landscaping, construction, installation of pools, decks, patios
and the like. Board meetings are held monthly or send an email to

What About Fences?

According the the Deed Restrictions (2.11), split rail is the approved fencing material.
Permission from the Homeowners Association must be obtained before any fence is installed.

Window treatments - do I need them in the garage?

Yes!  Inexpensive or tailor made window coverings, suitable to the decor are required on the garage
windows.  They also completes the "look" of your home.

Who maintains the required Red Sunset Maple Trees on our
street easement?

Street trees required in the Quarry are Red Sunset Maple trees, one and one-half to two inches minimum diameter, planted between the street pavement and sidewalk. Every lot is required to have the trees.

Spacing is to be every 35 to 50 feet on each lot. When CAM (Cavalear, Ankney, Moore) developed Plats 5 and above, trees were randomly planted to attract lot buyers. That is why some trees are on the lot lines.
Please have trees uniformly planted on your lot.

Trees in Plats 1-4 were planted by the individual builders in accordance with the DEVELOPER’S RIGHTS. The Parade of Homes held in Plat One was used as a guide.

Lot owners should maintain their own trees. If the limbs are obstructing the road at all, the township has the right to cut them if you don’t. Prune the trees at the bottom for them to grow tall.

How do I report a broken streetlight?

To report a missing or broken streetlight, please contact First Energy Customer Care.  We do not
rent from First Energy when prompted (asked).