Salisbury Road, Maumee OH

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Architectural Control


Architectural Review Approvals are Needed for all projects.

All Homeowners looking to make improvements or modifications to their home or property – meaning pools, fences, driveways, walks, patios, etc.- please see Article II Architectural Control 2.1 in the Declaration of Restrictions, you must submit the following online application to the Board for approval prior to starting the project. If you have any questions please contact the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) at email

Please complete the Architectural request form and return to the committee.


  1. Plans and specifications for all dwellings, buildings, landscaping and
    other improvements and structures to be constructed and/or situated within
    the subdivision shall be submitted by the builder for examination and
    approval by the Architectural Committee. Two sets of blueprints must be
    submitted. One may be retained by the AC.
  2. Set backs on lots – Front – 35’, Side Yards – 10’, Rear – 25’.
  3. Dirt grade at building determined by Lucas County and stated on
    Architectural Committee approval. Refer to Deed Restriction 2.8.
  4. No tree greater than six inches shall be removed for construction
    without approval.
  5. On all lots 100 feet or wider at the building line garages must be side
    loading or rear loading. On any lot less than 100 feet in width, (at the
    building line) the Association reserves the right to require a courtyard
    side-load garage.
  6. Outbuildings of any kind are prohibited, with the exception of lots 267-276 may include a detached, private garage of not more than two car capacity of no more than twenty-two feet wide by twenty-four feet deep.
  7. Architectural details on all four elevations. Windows required on side
  8. Front elevations will be brick veneer. Brick skirt on rear and side
    elevations is not required.
  9. Address stone with house number shall be placed in front elevation
  10. Horizontal siding will be pre-approved vinyl siding. No vinyl siding
    will be permitted on front elevations. Vinyl siding colors are also
  11. Outside trim, including soffits, fascia and rakes on front elevation
    will be wood. Side and rear outside trim may be vinyl.
  12. Colors of roof, brick, siding and outside trim shall be submitted for
    approval prior to application.
  13. A landscape plan including any retaining walls or fences must be
    submitted to the AC.
  14. Landscape irrigation is required in front yard. Side and rear yard
    irrigation is optional.
  15. City sidewalk information is available from the recorded plat.
  16. Mailboxes will be uniform in design, color and size. The location to be
    determined by the U.S. Postmaster.
  17. Street trees required by the Association are Red Sunset Maple trees of
    one and one-half to two inches minimum diameter planted between the street
    pavement and right of-way line on both sides of the street with spacing of
    35 to 50 feet. Center between back of curb and the front edge of sidewalk.
  18. Residences shall be completed within one year following the commencement
    of construction.
  19. During construction on a particular lot and prior to occupation of any
    residence, not more than two signs may be placed on any lot advertising the
    sale and company constructing the residence. All signs shall be located at
    least fifteen feet back from the right-of-way line.
  20. Building materials not incorporated into said structure within ninety
    days after its delivery shall be removed from the lot.


  1. It is the intent of the Association to provide homeowners with a neat
    and orderly living environment during the time of construction and build out
    of the Community.
  2. Please make sure you have all approvals from the Architectural Committee prior to the commencement of any work- The request form can be found under documents.  If you have any questions please email
  3. The following are policies that we ask all builders, sub-contractors and
    homeowners to be responsible for relative to activity you may have within
    the Community.
  4. The speed limit within the Community is posted at 25 mph. All vehicles
    must abide by this posting and be especially aware of children in the area.
  5. Lot owners, builders and sub-contractors are specifically asked to park
    on the job site they are working on or the paved surface contiguous to their
    job site. No parking of vehicles or storage of any materials will be allowed
    on any contiguous home site to the construction site.
  6. It is your responsibility to keep construction debris to a minimum and
    to prevent the spread of any debris to neighboring property or public
  7. Any materials cleared from a building site must be removed and hauled
    out of the Community.
  8. There shall not be materials of any kind whatsoever disposed of in any
    body of water or on any other lot within the Community.
  9. It is the responsibility of the lot owner and the contractor to keep the
    street and curb contiguous to your job site clean of debris, dirt and mud at
    all times. Any compacted construction dirt, which restricts the curb
    drainage flow, must be cleaned up immediately.
  10. There shall be no parking of construction vehicles in front of a
    completed residence within the Community.
  11. Exterior work must not begin before 7 AM. This is in keeping with the
    Monclova Township noise ordinance.
  12. The Association establishes the above rules in an attempt to provide a
    First Class community and to provide an environment for our resident to have
    quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

Quarry Pet Policy

  1. Dogs, cats or other household pets suitably maintained and housed within
    a residential dwelling may be kept subject to rules and regulations adopted
    by the Association, provided however, that no animal of any sort may be
    kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose, and any pet causing or
    creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance shall be subject to
    permanent removal and exclusion from the Subdivision in accordance with the
    rules and regulations adopted by the Association.  Pit bulls and other
    vicious animals are strictly prohibited in The Quarry.
  2. All owners shall strictly comply with all applicable leash laws.
    Without limiting any of the foregoing, no animal owned by (or in custody of)
    a lot owner or his tenants or guests shall be permitted on any of the Common
    Areas in the Subdivision (“Common Areas”), except when it is leashed or
    carried by hand and is either in an area that the Association has
    specifically designated for walking pets or is being walked or transported
    directly to or from such area or directly off the Common Areas.
  3. The board of the Association may order temporarily or permanently banned
    from the Common Areas, and the Subdivision generally, any animal that is
    dangerous or that becomes obnoxious by reason of aggressive or intimidating
    behavior, barking, littering or otherwise.
  4. No animal may be kept in the Subdivision for commercial or breeding
  5. No animal may be kept outside of a residence unless someone is present
    in the residence.
  6. Any lot owner shall pick up and remove any solid waste deposited by the
    pet on the Subdivision lands, except for designated pet walk areas, if any.

The Quarry Developers Rights Architectural Review Board General terms pdf