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Map of the Quarry

Welcome to the Quarry website. We use the website for neighborhood   discussion and general community gathering spot for residents. If you are a resident of The Quarry, please register to participate.

See our current newsletter here: SQHOA Newsletter Winter 2023

NOTICE: The next SQHOA trustee meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 21 @ 7:00 PM (VIA Zoom Video Conference). Email the Secretary via if you have an agenda item or want to attend. The HOA is looking to fill trustee positions please consider serving the association. Contact the secretary for information.

For updates on the Salisbury Quarry Homeowners Association throughout the year refer to our website and the App.

Monthly HOA Trustee Meetings
Property owners are welcome to the monthly board of trustee meetings. If a property owner has business or other issue they would like to discuss with the Board of Trustees, you may email or call Erin Osstifin our Property Manager at REMAX 419-392-7931 or by email and we place you on the agenda.

Notice: The annual SQHOA Fee of $295 will be invoiced the first month of 2024. Please watch for this in your mail. After 90 days past due a 5% service fee will be added.
Note: The 2023 annual SQHOA fee increased by $45 due to 2023 and 2024 budget items such as landscaping/mowing, snow removal, property taxes, electric and water utilities, insurance, and maintenance quotes all projected to be as much as 30% higher than 2022. We are faced with several maintenance projects such as an electrical issue at the Salisbury entrance that will require horizontal digging under the roadway to replace damaged electrical wires that we have not been able to secure quotes for as yet. Additionally, we have maintenance of 9 Cul-de-sacs that have 26-year-old shrubby which residents have asked us to address.

Report Lighting Problem
If you notice a streetlight or outdoor area light is out, please let Toledo Edison Online Reporting   know about the problem. Thank you for helping to keep our community safe.


We have moved to an online application for changes and improvement projects in the subdivision. This will result in a quicker approval process and archive of requests. Please input your email and phone number for ease of contacting you. Attach a drawing, sketch or photos of your project.

All Homeowners looking to make improvements or modifications to their home or property – meaning pools, fences, driveways, walks, patios, etc.- please see Article II Architectural Control 2.1 in the Declaration of Restrictions, must submit an online application to the Board for approval prior to starting the project. If you have any questions, please contact the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) at email

Please make arrangements to pay any past due SQHOA fees to help the SQHOA board maintain our neighborhood.

Your SQHOA annual fees are the only source of income available to maintain the following: D&R enforcement, maintenance and landscaping of common areas, Pocket Park/Pond, payment of real estate taxes, legal expenses, and many other budget items.  While the annual budget may seem large, a significant unusual expense can be cause for concern such as the water main break last year at the main entrance.

If you have not paid your fees, please call Erin at REMAX 419-392-7931 or by email to set up payment arrangements as soon as possible.

If a lien is placed on the title to your house, you will be charged the added administration cost recovery fees for processing the paperwork plus 5% interest charge on all unpaid balance which can double your costs. Potential negative comments on your credit report may lower your credit score and cause a higher interest rate on credit far surpassing the SQHOA annual fee amount many times over.

Thank you.

The Quarry subdivision is a planned community of single-family homes situated around the Salisbury Quarry on Salisbury Road located on the border of Monclova Township and Springfield Township, Lucas County Ohio.

Recent Announcements

  • The monthly SQHOA meetings  are open to all property owners of the association.  Email if you need to meet with the board and we will place you on the agenda
  • All residents are welcome to attend.
  • Please utilize the contacts page if you have any questions.
  • The regular monthly meeting of the board of trustees is at 7:00 pm the third Wednesday of each month at the Monclova Township Community Center, Metzger's Meeting Room, 8115 Monclova Road Monclova, Ohio. Meetings are open to all Quarry parcel owners. To be placed on the meeting agenda please contact the secretary. Three days prior notice is requested.
  • We have signs posted at the front entrance stating, "No Soliciting". Therefore, no outsider should be selling anything door to door. Please contact the Sheriff's Department to report their activity.

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