Salisbury Road, Maumee OH

Map of the Quarry

Election results 2014-15

The Quarry: Board Members

At the October 1st 2014 board meeting we held our annual elections for Trustees and Officers. Officer terms are only one year, while Trustees are 2 year terms. A HUGE THANK YOU to Joe Ceglio and John Walczak for accepting the nomination of Trustee. We are so happy you have you on the Board!

Officers- Term Expires October 2015
President- Nicole Reece
VP- Ric King
Secretary- Amy Kaufman
Treasurer- Linda Lister

Mike Nowak- Grounds Chair term exp October 2015
Kathye Zaper- Term exp October 2015
Lisa Bloomquist- Term exp October 2015
Ben Krasner- Architectural Chair term exp October 2015
John Walczak- Website Chair- term exp October 2016
Joe Ceglio- Term exp October 2016